Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

Back in July I started a new habit, and it is one that I have been able to keep up with even through the business of school. I started my bullet journal, but within it I started a gratitude list. I decided to write down 3 things every day that I am thankful for, and it has really been beneficial.

One of my favorite things about keeping a gratitude journal is that I can always find at least 3 good things in every day. Even at the end of a "bad day" I can still reflect and be grateful for a few things, which makes me feel more positive about going into the next day. It is so so easy to get caught up in everything that is going wrong, but it is also important to take time to appreciate the good things that happen, no matter how small they are. 
It also helps me focus on what really matters. When someone asks me how my day is, I can genuinely  say good because I can always find a few good things. It is also super fun to look back and see the things I was thankful for a few months ago. 

Do you keep a gratitude journal? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett


Why Experience Gifts Are The Best Gifts

In the midst of hundreds of gift guides popping up on every corner of the internet, consider giving a non-material gift this year. Think about it, would you rather receive yet another blanket scarf or candle, or would you rather get an experience where you can create amazing memories with your BFF!

I can tell you from firsthand experience that some of my favorite gifts have been experience gifts. Even if it is just visiting a place in your town, it is something that you can do together and you can spend some quality time with your friend or family member. Or consider giving tickets to an upcoming event that you know someone would love, like a concert or sporting event. Or if you and a friend like cooking or crafting, consider signing the two of you up for an upcoming class near you! If it is someone that you want to spend more on, consider planning a weekend trip to somewhere fun! There are honestly so many different options that you can tailor to the person and their interests, and it is very hard to go wrong with an experience gift. Even if you choose an event and it ends up going horribly, you will have some good stories afterwards and I can guarantee you will still have fun together. 

Would you like to receive an experience gift? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett


How To Make The Most Of Your Dorm Room

After living in a very small space for over a year, I think I finally have discovered how to utilize every nook and cranny, as well as make the space feel clean and cozy. At the school I go to, most people live in the dorms for 2 years, then move into a house or apartment, so that is what my roommate and I did. We actually ended up staying in the exact same room as last year, so honestly our room is pretty similar to last years. I can do an updated tour soon if you guys want since we do have a slightly different set up, though most of our decorations are similar!

1. Add string lights- let's be honest. The flourescent overhead light is not making your room feel like home, so I recommend buying a string or two of lights to hang and use instead. I honestly never use my overhead light because my string lights are bright enough, which is great.

2. Buy a cart- if you find yourself running out of shelf room, buy a little cart from IKEA to store snacks, dishes, school supplies, etc in. We didn't have one last year, but got one before this year started and it has been so nice to store all of our teas, mugs, and dishes in it!

3. Don't be afraid to decorate- before I came to school I always heard of people warning about not to bring too many knick knacks or things to decorate with. While that is somewhat true, having a few cute things to place on a shelf can make the room feel a lot more personal. Posters and framed prints are great too since they just fill up blank wall space!

4. Buy a rug- one thing that I highly recommend doing is buying a rug. If you don't have a lot of patterns in your room, consider buying one to add a pattern in. My roommate and I got a fuzzy white rug since our bedspreads both have pretty bold patterns. And I am 99% sure people only come to our room to lay on our fuzzy rug...

5. Keep it clean- You would be surprised at how cluttered and dirty a room looks if the beds aren't made and there are belongings thrown all over the floor. Taking a few minutes to tidy up can really make your room feel bigger and more inviting. Also, take the time to vacuum and dust your room regularly to keep dirt to a minimum.

Those are just 5 of my tips to make the most of your dorm room. What tips do you have? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett


So About The Hiatus...

Surprise! I am still alive and well over here, even though I have been neglecting my little corner of the internet. I apologize for the lack of content over the past two months, but I am hoping to update The Trendy Chick a bit more frequently in the upcoming weeks and months.

So what have I been up to in the past 7 or 8 weeks? Well, too many things to name really. My classes have kept me very busy, as have outside clubs and events. I also have a job this year, which has been something new to balance. Luckily, it is really chill and I just end up doing homework during most shifts! I have also been to concerts and sporting events, and I have been spending time outside just enjoying the perfect fall weather we have been having!

But I also have come to the realization that college keeps you so busy that you don't even notice that you have stopped doing the things you love. It is easy to not be creative because you have so many other things on your to-do list that you actually need to do. But I am trying to carve out a little time for me each day to do things I enjoy, like reading a book, blogging, or doodling. Which means I will be posting more soon!

I am so excited that it is almost Thanksgiving break, then it will be my birthday, my 5 year blogiversary (wait what?!) and then Christmas! Then I am traveling abroad for the month of January, so the next few months are going to be filled with exciting things, and I can't wait to share more with you guys!

So keep checking back. I promise The Trendy Chick is still alive and well, and fun and exciting content will be coming soon. In the meantime, leave a link to your most recent post in the comments so I can keep up with your life too!

xo, Scarlett


Recently Reading (August 2016)

During August I took advantage of the last few weeks of summer and read quite a bit. I am only one week into classes and I already miss having free time to sit down with a good book! Here's what I read during my last few weeks of summer:

This was one that I got off a list of must read mysteries off of Pinterest I think? I knew pretty much nothing about it, and I hadn't read anything by Agatha Christie before. But I enjoyed it and recommend if you enjoy mysteries too. 

This was a quick read that I picked up because I had read Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour and liked it. This one wasn't quite as good in my opinion, but I read it in a day and it was pretty good. It was a bit of a heavier read since the story occurs after the main character's best friend commits suicide, and while the story is centered around that it isn't too sad. 

If you like books that are on the dystopian side/ occur more in the future, then this might be one you will like. In the beginning it seemed similar to the left behind books, because Vivian Apple wakes up one day and supposedly the rapture has occurred. But from there it gets more complicated and interesting, and you will have to read it yourself to see what happens!

This is a book that you have probably heard of before, but I was not disappointed by it even after all the hype. After the main character disappears, you get to see the following events from her mother's perspective and her kidnappers perspective. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, I would recommend trying this one out too! 

Cartwheel was another mystery that I picked up, but I did not enjoy it as much as others. It felt fairly predictable to me, which made it feel like a slower read. Lily, the main character, is thought to have murdered her roommate. This would make an interesting story, except I never really connected with Lily or liked her, so even by the end I really didn't care if Lily did it or not. Which is what leads me to say that I didn't enjoy it too much. 

What books did you read and love this summer? Let me know in the comments!
xo, Scarlett


How To Make Your Hunter Boots Look Brand New

Before I went back to school, I decided I needed to clean my Hunters and make them look a bit better. After a year and a half they were starting to look a bit dull from the blooming. I have some of the Hunter boots cleaning spray, but after neglecting to clean them for months, they were pretty bad. The spray was helping, but it was taking a long time and it didn't seem to be getting all the white from the blooming off. So naturally I turned to Pinterest to see what else I could do. I found that olive oil seemed to be something that had worked for many people, so I tested it out. And guess what? It actually works!


-olive oil
-old rag/ t shirt

It is super easy and just takes a little bit of time. First you need to wipe down your boots with water to get any dirt off. Then you pour a tiny bit of olive oil into a dish and then dip your rag in it. Next you should rub the oil onto your boots in small circular motions. I recommend starting out with a little and using a bit more oil if needed. And it isn't a big deal if you get too much oil on the boots because it will absorb into them.

Just remember never to put cleaner or oil of any kind on the bottom of your boots or else it could make them slippery.

Here you can see the difference. I haven't done the boot on the left yet, and as you can see it looks a little dusty and has the white film over the red. But the one on the right looks clean and shiny after it has been cleaned with the oil!

How do you keep your boots clean? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett


7 Things To Do At The Beginning Of Each Month

With September quickly approaching, I wanted to share some things you could do at the beginning of the month to help your days go smoother and turn September into a great month!

update your planner-
Write in all upcoming assignments, events, etc at the beginning of the month  so you don't forget anything. Ideally everything will already be written in, but take a few moments to look it over and remind yourself of what is coming up!

monthly to do list-
Sometimes you know you want to do something in the upcoming weeks, like a specific project or cleaning out a specific drawer. But you don't necessarily want to write it on your daily to do list. Try making a master to do list of bigger/ more broad projects that you want to accomplish this month and try to do one or two things off of it every week.

make plans with friends and family-
How many times have you said "we need to get together soon!" to someone but then failed to follow through? It happens. Life gets in the way and catching up with friends can get pushed to the back burner. But if you make plans at the beginning of the month you will be way more likely to follow through and keep up with all of your friends! Plus making plans to hangout with a good friend on a Tuesday night can give you something to look forward to at the beginning of the week.

upload and delete photos off your phone-
I am so guilty of going months and months without uploading pictures and deleting them. But if you go through and upload at the beginning of each month then you won't lose a years worth of memories if something happens to your phone!

make note of upcoming birthdays-
We all know that feeling of looking at the calendar and realizing someone's birthday is the next day. But by looking at the beginning of the month, you can plan ahead and purchase cards and gifts accordingly.

wash towels/ change sheets-
In an ideal world these would be washed every week or two. But it is so easy to lose track of when you last washed them until they start to smell a little funky. So instead of letting that happen, be sure to wash them at the beginning of every month, and maybe a time or two in between if you think of it!

clear one day on your calendar-
One problem with planning out your whole month is that you can get burned out if you plan too much in. Be sure to set aside a day, even a Saturday, where you can sleep in, read a book, or just watch movies all day. It is so important to do stuff you love and set aside time to just relax.

What do you do at the beginning of each month to prepare for the upcoming weeks? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett