Website that sells TOMS for cheaper!

www.azaleafs.com sells the following TOMS for around 50% off the original price:

This is a great deal because i have been looking for the TOMS slip ons for a while now because  i have a pair of just plain black ones. But i can't buy $50 shoes whenever i want! So this is great, I can get 2 of the 3 slip ons above for the price of one! If you don't know what TOMS is, I am dedicating a post to it soon.

Here's a link to the website! http://www.azaleasf.com/#view=grid&item=&search=*designer/toms-shoes*gender/women*is_on_sale/true*&currIndex=0&pageSize=60&currSort=score&sortDirection=desc


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