Hollie Cavanagh's Results outfit: 4.5.12

 Hollie always seems to be in style! I LOVED her coral top with the peek-a-boo shoulders! I will be doing a post soon about peek-a-boo shoulder shirts because they are also very in this season. But what I really loved was her gold bow belt!
 HERE  is a similar top from Forever 21 for only $22.80. The only thing wrong is that is doesn't have the peek-a-boo shoulders!
Here is a better option that is the same color AND has the right shoulders! It is only $15 from Forever 21, so I would definitely recommend it! 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a chunky gold belt like the one Hollie was sporting last night. So I found some cute bow belts on Etsy instead! If you buy one, let them know that Scarlett from The Trendy Chick sent you!
This first option is a little pricier at $26, but it is so pretty that it is worth it! And you can't find anything like it on Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe's websites!

  This black bow belt  is only $15 and it is very versatile and will go with lots of different outfits!

Lastly, just add your favorite black bottoms and whatever shoes you own that look good with this outfit, and you're set to go!

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