Nail of the Day!

I am officially on summer break now so I will start to post more frequently again! I thought I would start out with a simple nail of the day today that is perfect for summer! Also, feel free to comment below what your favorite nail polish for spring/summer is!

First I put on Revlon's Posh Pink (912)

Then I decided to add Milani's Glitzy Pink (5) over it.


Here is how it turned out (sorry, it is bad quality!)

It is just a nice light pink sparkly combo that I am in love with!


  1. Pink and sparkly sounds awesome to me! Very girly :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Hello! Thank you for the nice comment! I like your blog very much! The polishes in this post are great! I love the pink one:)))
    I follow you via gmail (there's something wrong with my account, that I can't follow you as nik)
    xx nik

    1. thanks so much for checking my blog out!
      xo, Scarlett