Can Short People Wear High-Low Skirts?

Personally, I think the answer is YES! I am a petite 5'2" (and a half... but who is counting...) and I love high low skirts! I think women of almost any height can rock them. Now, I will admit that I have tried on a couple that were wayyy to long on me. Just be sure to wear ones that don't drag the ground behind you, and you're good! I think if anything, high low skirts can make your legs appear longer than they really are. Here are a few of my favorite high low skirts:




I love the last skirt, and the last time I was shopping with a close friend, she bought this exact skirt! And she is petite too, so it does look good even if you aren't that tall. You could even practice mixing prints if you buy the last skirt! 

Do you think petite people can pull off high low skirts? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett


  1. The second one is beautiful! Maybe we can follow each other?x

  2. They're all very pretty!

    <3 Marina


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  4. love this post! i'm 5ft tall and won't let that stop me! haha! we petite gals can pull off anything ;)


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  6. thank you, I agree! xo

  7. of course we can! :)

  8. I definitely agree that us petite gals can pull them off! I own the middle one and I gets lots of compliments on it! I think it actually makes me legs look much longer and slimmer. Ho-lows are one of my favourites <3

  9. I agree...I feel like i look a little taller and thinner when I have tried them. The middle one is so adorable, I am sure you do get tons of comments!