Hipster Chic {Guest Blogger!}

Hola The Trendy Chick followers!! My name is Sarah....I blog over at embellishconsignment.com/blog. I blog about all things fashion, My outfits of the day, fashion tips, fashion how-tos, and anything in between! I am the owner of a consignment boutique, www.embellishconsignment.com,  in my tiny little town of North Carolina. It is my personal goal to educate the not-so-fashionistas, of my town and help them find their inner fashionista! Everyone should love fashion as much as I do, right?!
My style is such an important part of who I am. It sort of defines me, in a way. I dress for my mood. Happy, Sad, or whatever I am in between! I have always had an edgier, risky style.  I was always the fashion risk taker in high school and college, trying the trends and upcoming fashions. Anyone can be a fashion risk taker. There is only one thing to remember. You are what you wear, I always say, so you better own it! Don't be scared to take a risk or wear something you'd never think you'd look good in. If you are comfortable and happy with the look, you will look good. Otherwise, you'll look uncomfy and awkward! Wear it! Love it! And own it!
In the past couple of months, my wardrobe has sort of had a shift in style. It kind of happened on its own. I have always admired the more hipster side of edgy fashion. I love Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, and Zooey Dechanel. The one thing I haven't adapted (Thank goodness) is that Hipster attitude that true hipsters have. Kristen Stewart has one for sure....The latter two, maybe not. Hipster is more an attitude than a fashion choice. It is a lifestyle. That is why I chose to take the hipster chic route, when I realized where my style sense was going. Chic, as we mostly all know, is taking a style and putting a more elegant and not so HI HERE I AM kind of look to it. It tones it down a good notch or two.
One may ask, how do you transform into hipster chic, without going crazy and throwing all your trendy mainstream stuff out the window?? Well, I for one, started with shorts. Shorts?! Yes, shorts. A simple key article of clothing. But, they must be cut-offs and they must be a little higher waisted than you're used to. Simple enough right?! Also, I took a liking to baggy-er tops, fringe, and non-perfectly styled hair. (top knots and messy hair...major hipster must) When you think about it, Hipster and Boho are hand in hand, in a way. If it's boho, it could be mistaken for hipster. Hipster mistaken for boho, though-not so much. Hipsters would never wear cute little maxi dresses, gladiator sandals, or matchy matchy lace tanks and denim vests. Hipsters are more hard core! Not so matchy, with rougher looking tees, thick Buddy Holly glasses, and bulky shoes. The more outside the box, the more hipster.
I've piled together a few of my fave Hipster looks, some are chic, some are full-on hipster. I love them all. If you'd like to transition into a mini-hipster, be sure to follow my blog. I've kind of documented my journey as a not-so-hipster chic. There are also lots of other looks and more!




Thanks all, for allowing me to horn in on The Trendy Chick's blog. Thank you also for reading my randoms!! I've had a lot of fun, and if anything, I hope to have inspired you to find your inner fashionista! Hipster, Boho, Glam, or whatever. Your style is you and you should love it!
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Note from Scarlett: I want to thank Sarah so much for doing this post! If you have any comments, please comment below, and if you like posts like this, go follow Sarah's blog!  xo


  1. To me, The modern day "hipster" refers to young people from teens to 30s who dress in a very particular way, listen to non-mainstream music (usually indie), are usually artistic, sometimes intellectual, and most of the time musical.Hipsters dress with a combination of styles. Mostly skinny jeans, high waisted shorts/pants/skirts (retro-looking),dark colors, flannel shirts, t-shirts, and 1950's type retro attire. Layerd clothing is also key.
    Boho. Totally different. Being a guest blogger, of course, I didn't have time or space to explain style differences. I very much believe none of the styles you grouped together are the same. Boho is very free and flowy. 1960's and some 70s retro. Boho is very colorful and embellished (fringe, jeweled sandals, floral prints), while "hipster" is dark and dull.
    I hope this helps you understand my way of thinking. Fashion is different from state to state, I am sure. I base my fashion knowledge on the actual fashion world though, not my personal experiences or the way others dress around me.

  2. I live in San Antonio, Texas, which is the 7th largest city in the U.S and the 2nd largest in Texas, and trendy/hipster/boho/scene/indie here are pretty much all the same. Hipster is like the main label and boho/indie/trendy/scene are like categories of being a hipster.

    I have been to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and there were hardly any "Hipsters" like the ones you see here in Texas. And I stayed in South Carolina for about 6 months visiting NC and Georgia in between. Maybe Texas is ahead of that scene along with California, New York, and Seattle.

    I guess it may be looked at differently in different states because I don't think people here we would categorize Kristen Stewart as Hipster.