Ways to Add Curves!

For tops, it is important to wear tops with lots of fabric! Now I don't mean oversized. I mean wearing tops that have lots of ruffles or bows... even embellishments are great for creating the illusion of having a larger bust. Hollister, Abercrombie, and Forever 21 all have some cute options!

For skirts, try to wear ones with lots of drapes and such. Pleats can also add a similar effect, and can add a school-girlish look which will be perfect in about a month! 

Jeans with big pockets are also a much if you are wanting to add a some curves in the back! Miss Me jeans are notorious for giving that effect, but they also happen to cost a lot! Just shop around a little until you find some you like... it is hard to say exactly where you will find the perfect pair!

*all pictures are from Forever 21, except for the jeans. The jeans are Miss Me jeans that I was using as an example of the types of pockets I was talking about. 

xo, Scarlett

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  1. This is a great post! Especially for awkward ruler shaped girls like me, haha! I'd love to see some back to school style suggestions!
    -Angela, from the Lipstick Clique (thelipstickclique.blogspot.com) Come check out our blog if you're interested!! :)

  2. thanks, I am glad this post gave you some ideas! Also, thank you for the suggestion... I am planning on doing something along those lines at the beginning of August :)