Zebra Safari!

Have you noticed recently that zebra print is going out of style, and actual zebras are coming in? Now I don't mean real, live zebras. I just mean actual zebras printed on clothing instead of just stripes. I am going to show you my favorite pieces with zebras, are give you my opinion on how to style a shirt! But before I go into it, I want to share a video that you can watch to see how one girl on youtube (sarahbelle93x) styles a yellow zebra scarf! Here she is wearing it again with a different outfit.

Yes, Yes, Shawl Scarf 
This scarf it the perfect way to add zebras to your outfits this summer! The yellow citrus color is cute for summer, and it is lightweight!  You can buy it at Modcloth for only $23.99. It is similar to the scarf that Sarah was wearing, but the yellow is a little different. Which color do you like better?

Safari, So Near Scarf 
This next scarf is also from Modcloth and will quickly become your favorite fall accessory. I love the lightweight, sheer fabric, as well as the burnt orange color. It is only $17.99.

This zebra head ring is from Forever 21 and is only $3.99. I think it is adorable as would add a little something to any outfit! If you do purchase it, be sure to use this little trick that I recently blogged about! 
 cool zebra top 
I love how unique this shirt is from GoJane. And the pink glasses that the zebra is wearing add a cute touch. It is a little pricier at $27, but if you love it, get it! There are so many different ways to wear it!
This shirt from Forever 21 is probably my favorite zebra item in this post. It is an adorable baby pink color with zebras printed all on it, as you can see! Plus, it is only $15.80! You could wear these on a casual summer day with high-waisted shorts and flip flops, or dress it up with a black blazer and dark skinny jeans!
Lastly, I want to show these gold earrings with zebra heads in them! Aren't they adorable? You could get away wearing these with almost any outfit! Might as well pick some up, because they are only $3.80 at Forever 21.

Do you own anything with zebras or any other animals on it? 

xo, Scarlett


  1. That's so, because what your saying is totally accurate . You see more of the actual animal On the clothing now


  2. I love the yellow scarf and the Forever 21 top! And how cute is that ring? You're right, I've been seeing this print everywhere, I've got a black and red zebra scarf from Primark but I've seen loads of other cool things.
    Found you through the BBU Blog Hop, by the way :)
    Mel x

  3. ooh your scarf sounds awesome!

  4. I had a shirt with a zebra on it in college. I think it was from Mango (another spanish brand like zara) and I loved that shirt!! The black stripes on the zebra were in velvet. haha.


  5. love this new trend! i think its actually pretty cute haha
    could you check out my fashion&beauty blog i would really appreciate it! turquoiseinlove.blogspot.com ! xo

  6. I love the pink Forever21 shirt!
    We have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! http://thelipstickclique.blogspot.com/2012/07/liebster-award.htmlx Angela and Sara

  7. I love this trend! I have spotted zebras lots recently too :)

    I found you on the BBU Blog hop!



  8. it sounds cute! :) xo

  9. i think it is cute too! xo

  10. i am loving it too! xo