The Friday Five! {8.10.12}

Glitter Skinny Belt: GoldLike a Lady Collar: PinkSkinny Belt: TurquoiseAntiqued Across Ring

1This past week I stumbled across a great online boutique called Spotted Moth. They have a vintage vibe, and their stuff is so adorable, yet affordable! I love both the belts, and the collar. And cross rings are a must have for this season.

2Next I stumbled across these adorable scrabble cushions this week! So cute, and so affordable.  They would make the perfect gift too!

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via pinterest
3Here is an example of an outfit that I will be trying to recreate this fall. I love the look of a button down shirt under an oversized sweater. I love the look over leggings too, or even over normal skinny jeans!

4I also love the new trend that is going around for fall 2012: denim nails! I especially love the little zipper detailing on the picture shown above, but I have seen so many others that I love too. One look was even featured in next month's Seventeen magazine! Click here to see how to achieve this look an many others!

5Lastly, I want to add one of these to my bathroom! It looks so elegant, plus it is functional! Click here to see how!

Tell me what you have been loving this past week in the comments! Also, if you are still in school, please tell me when you go back!

xo, Scarlett


  1. Sorry I forgot to leave my blog link. Those pillows are amazing by the way.


  2. I love those cushions they're so cool! Love that outfit as well.. I'm starting to think I prefer winter/autumn to summer as you get to layer up and wear more lovely clothes! X


  3. Ooh I love the nails and the bag in Picture no.2! :D
    Thanks for sharing ur link with me on Twitter Bblogger! Loving your blog!

    Kaka x

  4. Oh my god I love those nails they are amazing! Love the collar and the bag too, super cute! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  5. i definitely agree with you! I love layering! xo

  6. thank you! and no problem, i love meeting new people!

  7. aren't they adorable? I need to figure out how to recreate them ASAP! xo

  8. LOVE the scrabble throw pillows! I need them! <3Em



  9. Aren't they adorable?!