The Friday Five: Back to School edition!

Back to school!  
1These cupcakes are just the cutest idea ever! I really want to make some... but for now, I will just stick with showing you guys them on here and giving you the recipe! Let me know if you make any and how they turnout :)
2These socks are just so perfect for Back To School 2012! As most of you already know, skulls are SO popular right now, and by adding the argyle pattern, it is perfect for back to school. Plus, they are only $5, so you can't really go wrong!

Dorm Rooms & Decor 
3 I really like the idea of hanging these up in your dorm room to personalize it. I have gotten really into monogrammed things lately, so this would be the perfect touch to my room!

 braid in braid 
4Here is a cute hairstyle that barely takes any time at all! I am going to be wearing it so much this year! All you do to create it is part your hair into 3 sections like you would a normal braid. Then get the outer two sections out of the way by throwing behind your shoulder or clipping up. Next, braid the middle section pretty tightly. Tie it off, then braid use it to braid your hair normally! Something I have learned from doing this a couple times is to make the middle section that you braid first smaller than the outer two. I think it just makes the braid stand out more once you are finished!

Cute floral nails.
5 Floral nails for fall! I love the design of this, and I would love to recreate something similar!

xo, Scarlett


  1. I like the nails and the braid the best. Going to have to try those!

    www.nellecreations.com :: DIY Fashion

  2. aren't they adorable? and btw, i love your blog too... i have been following via GFC for a while now :)