Back To School Blitz: Fishtail Nails!

 This is a super easy nail look that looks good with lots of different color combinations. It also looks like you spent a ton of time on it, when really, it doesn't take a whole lot longer than painting your nails normally!
 As you can see, after the tutorial I added 2 more stripes to the very top because I thought it looked better like that!
 Also, I decided only to do it to my accent nail this time, but I will be trying it on all of them when I have more time!
 Here is a step by step tutorial. All you need is 3 colors! Then just alternate colors while alternating sides. Just look at the pictures from left to right and you will see exactly how. Also, I recommend using nail polishes that don't have a large or small brush. Medium size works best. It also doesn't matter which side you start on!
Pretty easy, right? And it looks amazing when you are done! Let me know if you have tried this before in the comments and if you do try this, please take a pic and tweet it to me so I can see how it turned out!

xo, Scarlett


  1. cute idea!!!


  2. Awesome nails!

  3. very cute & clever!

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  5. Cute! I've been meaning to try this out for a while, ever since I learned to fishtail braid my hair! But I decided I'm too shakey and don't really have the patience... Haha.

  6. That is so cute and creative, I doubt that I can do it though, I can't even fish tail braid my hair LOL! I know it has nothing to do with it but i also sucking at doing my nails in a creative way. Great Blog, Keep It Up :)

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  7. thanks so much! I really enjoy using darker colors now that it is winter too!

  8. lol well I hope you change your mind and try it sometime when you have the time because if I can do it, anyone can!

  9. It is easier for me to do this than to fishtail my hair! lol but thank you :)