Fall Playlist-By The Trendy Chick

Autumn is by far my favorite season, with the fashion, and colorful leaves, and the chilly breeze. I have discovered quite a few new songs this fall that I really enjoy listening to, and I thought I would share them today! One reason I am sharing them now is because quite a few people are already starting to listen to Christmas music! I personally love Christmas music, but I don't want to start listening to it quite this early. So here are some alternatives for you to add to your playlist as you drive to Thanksgiving dinner this week!

I have linked them all to a youtube video of the song, so you can listen to them and make sure you like it before you download it!

Everytime You Lie- Demi Lovato

Autumn Leaves- Ed Sheeran

Cold Coffee- Ed Sheeran

Skyfall- Adele

Hall of Fame- The Script

State of Grace- Taylor Swift

Feel Again- OneRepublic

I of course had to add in some Ed Sheeran because this fall I have become obsessed with pretty much all of his songs! I definitely recommend checking out any of his songs, because chances are you have heard his song A Team.
Also, I had to include a Taylor Swift song because everyone is obsessed with her new album! I think  a lot of them are good, but the one I mentioned above is one of my favorites that I don't hear talked about that often! 

When I interviewed some other bloggers about their favorite songs, here is what they told me:

"I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift"- Elle from Fashions On Top

"My favorite song this fall is ”Ho Hey” by the Lumineers" -Michelle from M Fashion Diary

" Goodnight, Fair Lady on Coheed and Cambria's new Album 'The Afterman: Ascension' which i think is really good" -Bonita-bluebell from Oooh Fancy! 

"My favorite song this fall is Rihanna – Diamonds"- Jeann from Coffee and Ethnic Scarf

"My favorite song has to be sweet nothing by florence and calvin harris" -Andreia from Stylish Rouge

"I’ve been listening to ”Babel”, the Mumford & Sons’ latest album, and I guess my song of choice is ”Lover’s Eyes”."-Marta from I Seek Inspiration

" I have to say that my fave song for the fall has got to be Skyfall (Adele). She just has this amazing energy in her voice and the song works on so many levels." -Caroline from The Girl in the Yellow Dress

"The song going through my head this song is very old, a blues song by Elmore James called "It Hurts Me Too." Not too many people would know it these days!" -Laura from WEFLY2

"That’s a tough one! I really like Gangnam Style. I know that everyone’s kind of over it, but it’s a fun song, and my daughters like it a lot, too!" -Amy from A Loo's Closet

"My favorite song this fall is: leornard cohen ”A thousand kisses deep”" -Anna from Bellaconscience

"My favorite song this fall would have to be Take a Walk by Passion Pit." -Lauren from Slow Burn Fast Burn

"First off, my favourite song this fall is ”Skyfall” by Adele! It’s just perfect for rainy afternoons (as is often the case here in London!)" -Hayfa from The Chic Cliche

"My current favorite song to listen to is A-Team by Ed Sheeran." -Jac from Vogue Esprit 

Tell me in the comments what your favorite song for fall is, and let me know if you found any new songs from this post! Don't forgive to leave any holiday video requests as well :)

xo, Scarlett


  1. I listen to radio 1 pretty much all day so anything they play! haha
    But I'm going to New York for 6 weeks in January so have pretty much had empire state of mind and New york New york on repeat! xx

  2. Hey, i love all your songs on your list.



  3. Oh I love both of those songs when I am thinking about NY! Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. These are great! I totally agree that it's just a teenie bit early to listen to only Christmas music!

  5. what a lovely post!

  6. Thanks for including me! Love this!

    x lauren

  7. Adele's Skyfall gives me the creeps! Something makes me feel it to my bones! :)


  8. Loved the post!


  9. Your playlist is basically my playlist! Love all of those song choices, especially the taylor swift and ed sheeran ones! Great blog :)


  10. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love finding new blogs and music as well! I will definitely take you up on your offer <3

  11. So cool that you interviewed other bloggers! Skyfall is definitely the song of this fall for me!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy

  12. thank you so much!

  13. Really? I love it! xo

  14. thanks so much Marta!

  15. thanks! I have become obsessed with ed sheeran recently!