Wishlist Wednday: Tech Edition!

Hi everyone! I'm Elissa from Style-Wire.comStyle Wire is a place where my worlds collide-- my day job in finance, my retail job on the weekends, as well as my personal style and travels. I hope Style Wire becomes a place where conversation is fostered, a source for insight and inspiration, and a home for my style. 

In honor of The Trendy Chick's Wishlist Wednesday I've created a gift guide for all those technologically inclined in your life. From gadget geeks to Apple enthusiasts, there's a little something for everyone. And it's all around $25!  Check out the list and then head over to Style-Wire.com for more gifts, style, and reviews! 

1. Stickygrams. For the Insta-obsessed check out stickygram.com. They offer sets of 9 magnets with photos taken straight from your Instagram! Order a set to recap a trip, bestie weekend, or  memorable event or break up the set and toss one or two into a stocking or with small gift for a personal touch. $14.99 for a set of 9. 

2. iHome Portable Speaker. For the MP3 obsessed this mini speaker is perfect to toss in a beach bag or just for dancing around your bedroom. It comes in six different colors and is collapsible, too. The reviews on Amazon are great and for under $18 you can't go wrong.

3. Kensington Virtuoso Pro Fine Tip Stylus and Pen. This is a great gift for anyone with an iPad or tablet. A great stylus opens up your iPad to so many possibilities! From drawing to writing notes, this simple tool changes everything. This Kensington model doubles as a regular ol' pen too. No matter your medium, you're ready to jot it down! $16.99. 

4. CaseCrown iPad Case.  This case is a steal at $25.19. It protects and supports while allowing you to prop it up or lay it flat. It had cutouts for both cameras, and protects the screen while it's in your bag or briefcase. 

5. Warmen Touch Screen Gloves. Anyone who has had to suffer cold fingertips for the sake of refreshing their Twitter feed will tell you these touch gloves are essential. No more fumbling to keep your gloves together when you're out and about because these gloves have a special material woven into the fingertips that allow you to operation touch screen devices with nary a chill. $13.

6. Anker SlimTalk External Battery Charger. iPhone users are familiar with that dismal "20% battery remaining" warning but with this little device you will never be left with a dying battery again! This works with many different phones including the iPhone, iPod, Android, Galaxy, and more. It even has a flashlight! Perfect for friends who travel a lot, bloggers, and commuters and only $22.99.

7. Aphrodite USB hub. This little USB hub is just too cute. Charge and sync your USB devices in this unique hub on clearance for $9.99! When you're not charging or syncing your devices this little bust sits pretty on your desktop. 

Thank you so much Elissa for writing this weeks edition of WW! I love everything on her list, and I have to say I am hoping to receive a few of these items myself! Don't forget to go checkout Elissa's blog! 

xo, Scarlett


  1. Cool list Elissa! Hmm ... I've been a Samsung/Android user mostly ... maybe it's time to switch to Apple products? Hehe. :)

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  2. Caroline ToppermanDecember 7, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    Oh I need that pen, I've been looking for a good one for so long now!