Add a Little Something!

I am sure a lot of you have noticed the bow trend that has been going around. I love adding a cute bow to my hair to add a little something to any outfit. So for Sweetheart Series #11, I am going to show you guys a few of my favorite ones and a few easy DIY's I have seen!

This cream oversized lace bow from Forever 21, and is only $2.80! It is super cute and also comes in pink!

I have been wanting a velvet hair bow for a long time now, but I just can't make myself pay $14 for this one at American Apparel

Hair Bow Vintage Inspired 1920s Creme with Dark Blue Anchors Clip Rockabilly Pin up Teen Woman 
This anchor headband off of Etsy is so cute and would be perfect for summer! Plus, it is only $8.50! 

Lavender Hair Bow 
I also love this lavender bow also off of Etsy... I think it is perfect for spring! And for only $5, I am willing to take a chance! If you are looking for the perfect hair bow, I definitely recommend looking on Etsy if you can't find it anywhere else because they have a large selection!

DIY Hair Bows! 

Velvet Hair Bow DIY! 

Another velvet DIY tutorial... as you can tell I am really loving velvet this winter! 

Tell me in the comments is you love bows too or if you have ever made any yourself! 


  1. Hair bows are a nice touch! even though i don't wear anymore, i find them adorable!


  2. I love bows, they are so pretty.

  3. So cute!

    xx MJ


  4. I love the DIY version, I feel every girl has some fabric she can make a bow from. :)


  5. neat they are so cute


    xx Domenic

  6. I love the bow trend, especially if it is velvet! New follower! Love your blog! Thx again for reaching out!


    Holly Foxen Wells


  7. I'm such a sucker for hair bows! I was so excited to see simple ribbon tied in a bow on the runways at NYFW this week! Adorable blog, xox!