*Guest Post* Must-Have Makeup for Valentine's Day

Hey Trendy Chick readers! My name is Jamie, and I blog over at www.thefashionnewcomer.com. When I'm not shopping (I'm guilty of being a complete shopaholic), I'm working on my blog and taking tons of pictures! I'm so excited to bring to you all a post on Valentine's Day beauty items. While these adorable products certainly suit valentine's day, they can also be used after the day has passed to achieve a very girly look. Even if you hate valentine's day, these products can't be missed!

Can we talk about how adorable that stila blush is? Definitely a must have! Plus, the four varying shades can create one look when swirled together, or separate ones which can be used separately. Want to make your cheeks glow even more for Valentine's Day? Use High Beam by Benefit! Perfect for under your brows, on your cheeks, or even on your nose. The bottle will last for a long time, and with the effortless look this product gives, you'll be glad.

Next up: the eyes! The lancome eyeshadows are stunning. While the palette is on the pricey side, it comes with 5 shadows that have terrific pigmentation. Plus, you can use it to play up the color pink on valentine's day, but also year round as just an overall neutral palette. A bit of subtle pink/champagne color on the eye (think Urban Decay's Sin) makes for a staple color that looks good as a lid or inner corner color on many skin tones! As for eyeliner, the smashbox product will not only be great for the rest of the year, but it's cute packaging (from their new "love me" collection) is definitely a stand out for this Valentine's Day. The bright color of the Rimmel Mascara fits perfectly into the Valentine's Day color scheme, and prevents you from completely fishing through your purse once it secures it's place there. And do I even need to discuss that eyelash curler? So adorable!

Lastly, lipgloss and perfume can finish off an entire look. The lipgloss gives an extremely girly finish without going too pink. It's subtleness is key when combining many pink makeup products on valentine's day! And the bottle of the perfume? Gorgeous. If anything, it would just be cute to admire on your dresser when getting ready in the morning. 

What makeup do you plan on wearing on Valentine's Day this year? Whether you have someone special to spend this holiday with or you don't, it's fun to switch up your usual makeup routine anyways! 

xo, Jamie

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  1. Great post. I like seeing all the pinks. Also, I'd like to add kissable lippies. They are fun for valentine's.