Goodbye Google Reader?

I have heard lots of different rumors going around, so I am not sure which will come true. But there are definitely going to be changes with Google Reader in the following months, so I wanted to make this post to let you guys know ALL the different places you can follow me. Some of you might just follow via GFC, but that might not be the best option with the changes coming up. So feel free to explore these other options to stay up to date with The Trendy Chick!

I am also transferring most of the blogs I read over to Bloglovin so I can get used to reading and following the blogs I love on there in case anything happens to GFC. So feel free to leave your Bloglovin link at the end of any comment you would normally leave and I will take a look. I have actually found a lot of new blogs I love while changing to Bloglovin!

In other exciting news, I just added a button to the side of my blog for Organization April! Feel free to grab it and put it on your blog to show support for my new series! Now I just need to create a button for my normal blog...


  1. It's terrible how they gonna close it!


  2. Such a sad news indeed my dear!
    And since Google Reader is
    retiring; we might no't be able to keep up with each
    other's feeds via reading list / GFC when the time comes I guess. I'll
    keep up with
    your updates via Bloglovin' instead :) Been following you there anyway,
    hope you follow me back there too, in case you haven't yet so we can
    still follow each other :)

    Let me know if there are other platforms you want dear. Keep in touch! (^_^)

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    ❤ ~Chai
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  3. I discovered a whole new world of food and recipe blogs last night via bloglovin... it's an amazing site to keep up with all your blogs
    xox, marti


  4. I also discovered some great new blogs through it... if anything, this has actually helped me!

  5. Bloglovin is an awesome site! I've been following on there and will continue to do so!

  6. I agree... I am liking it more and more every day! thanks!