Summer Jewelry Picks!

Today I decided to put together a post of jewelry that I want to get or have bought recently to share with you!

Recently I have been loving animal bangles, so when I went to Target about a week ago I decided to pick the elephant one up. I posted a picture of it on my instagram if you want to take a look! But I also took pictures of all the bracelets my Target had, even though some of the pictures didn't turn out the best...

Here are a few other pieces I bought recently and love! I am sure you will see me styling them very soon! You can see one outfit that I wore the necklace with on my vine! Just search "thetrendychick" to find me!
                                  Claire's: $1.00 each                                 TJMaxx: $18.00

I also found a shop called Emerald Bling that is currently selling some really cute jewelry! This necklace is my personal favorite!

Seaside Color Mix Necklace

Another shop I found is The Pink Carnation Boutique. I love almost everything in their boutique, but here's what I want the most at the moment!

Bow Earrings- Periwinkle

Another boutique that carries a pair of earrings I want is Bellevue Newport! They don't have a ton of things to choose from, but I love what they do have! Aren't these nautical earrings perfect for summer?
Navy Starfish Studs

I've also been working with a lovely site called Fifth and Orient. I am stunned by how pretty their pieces are! Here are a few of my favorites:

Turquoise on Rhodium    
Carley Lucky Clover Earrings                                    Cornellia Textile Bangle Bracelet 

Kitara Pentagon Statement Necklace                                 Tempest Stone Collar Necklace

Tell me your favorite piece from this post in the comments! Also tell me what jewelry you have been wearing/wanting recently in the comments! I always love hearing what other people like :)


  1. I so hard to pick just one, but I love the Carley lucky clover earrings! I have been wanting a statement necklace, they are so popular this season. All the pieces in your most are so pretty, great choices!

  2. These are all so great! I love that blue necklace at the bottom, the colour is really pretty.

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  4. thanks so much! If you are interested, I just posted a giveaway where you could have the chance to win that necklace and more!

  5. thank you Paige! If you are interested, I just posted a giveaway where you could win those earrings and more! take a look if you have time :)

  6. thank you so much Chris! It means a lot when I see comments like these :)

  7. Hi Scarlett, Thanks for the link :) Great Blog. Absolutely love this post on the jewellery!

    I want to buy them all lol

    Easmin x