Bicycle's are a girl's best friend.

 For today's post, I decided to create 2 different collages on Polyvore that would be good outfits to cruise around on your bike in. I was originally inspired to do this post for the IFB Project this week, but I love how both of these outfits turned out!

Casual & Vintage
 This outfit is perfect for days that you want to look cute, but not too fancy.  Personally, I love the detailing on the bag, the retro look of the sunnies, and the bike necklace is perfect for the occasion! Now you can cruise around on the beach with your friends or even just down the street.
Tip: Wear closed toe shoes when biking, because you never know when your toes might get caught in something they shouldn't!

Here is a small preview of option #2, click here to see a larger picture and more details! This one would be if you wanted to dress up a little more and look very feminine. Again, noticed how I chose closed toe shoes to go with it!

Do you ever ride your bike? If so, what do you like to wear when you ride for fun? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Cute bicycle! I wish riding bikes was a chic when I was little hehe
    Now following you on BL (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. I loved the looks! The first one is definetely my favorite, especially with those cute sunglasses!! Awesome post!!


  3. Cute outfits! I love the first one :-) xx


  4. thanks, aren't the glasses adorable?! xo

  5. thanks so much! xo

  6. Francesca KellerJuly 1, 2013 at 8:28 PM

    These looks are gorgeous!

    I love your blog!!!
    I followed you and I'm checking out your older posts!

    If you can check out La Dolce Moda & if you like I'd be honored if you could follow back :)

    Francesca, from La Dolce Moda

  7. This is so cute! I definitely don't ride my bike as much as I should - this is making me want to pull it out!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. If I had that mint bike I'd definitely be riding around more often, it's lovely! (: xx


  9. thanks! I am trying to get back into polyvore more, as it gets neglected during the school year! but it is so much fun :)

  10. thanks Katy! xo

  11. you definitely should! I enjoy bike rides during the summer so much! Easy yet fun workout too!

  12. isn't it?! I want to get one similar sometime soon! xo