Favorite Summer Dresses 2013

With summer almost here, I decided to compile a few of my favorite dresses at the moment. After I found all the ones I wanted to include, I realized most of them are black or a blue color! I guess those have been a favorite recently!

Pleats and Stripes Dress 
Striped dresses are so adorable, especially for summer! This one is from Mary and Mak boutique, and I love it because the stripes aren't all the same and the top is almost like a chevron pattern.

Make a Good Point Dress - Mid-length, Mint, Pink, Tan / Cream, Belted, Casual, Tank top (2 thick straps), Scoop, Print, A-line
I also love the colors and the style of this Modcloth dress! I can already imagine this with a cute watch and statement necklace...

Fash Foward Boutique: $40.99 
I have been OBSESSED with bow clothes recently, so this dress is no exception!

Cut out dresses have been very popular lately, so of course I had to include one! I really like this one from Forever 21, because the cut outs aren't too extreme. I have seen some which show more skin than dress!

This next dress is from Francesca's. I absolutely love the colors and pattern of this dress! It also would be really easy to dress up or down!

Lastly, I chose a maxi dress. It seems like everyone is talking about maxi dresses these days! This specific one is from Macy's and is only $37.99. Some of the maxi dresses I have seen have been closer to $100, so finding one for under $50 is pretty good! The only problem with maxi dresses for me is I am short. Now don't get me wrong, I think shorter people can rock maxi dresses just as well, if not better, than average or tall women! The problem is I can never find any that hit me right without getting them hemmed, which is a hassle. I have heard Target has a few good ones that work for shorter people, but my Target is always out of stock! So please do tell any tips you have in the comments!


  1. Great post, the colors of the dresses are so cute, great choice for the summer


  2. I love dresses for summer! The last two are my favourites. :)


  3. So gutted they dont do the Forever 21 dress in other colours! It would be perfect for summer
    Estelle x

  4. It would be cute in other color wouldn't it? I still love the black though! xo

  5. Dresses are perfect in the summer aren't they?! I'm am glad you liked a few of my choices! xo

  6. thanks so much Nitzia!

  7. Lauren Maria KerrJune 12, 2013 at 2:37 PM

    I really like the nautical stripes, I think it's a great look for summer. Can't go wrong with a maxi either!


  8. Hi honey,

    Love your blog!! Now following, I really like the blue maxi in the last photo, this would be perfect for my holiday next week!!

    Thank you for sending me your link on twitter, would love it if you followed me back - my blog is still a baby!

    Look forward to your future posts,

    Emily xxx


  9. thanks so much Lauren! xo

  10. Thanks Emily, I am glad you like that dress! And thank you so much for following! xo

  11. Loving the dresses! That green one has my name on it!

  12. absolutely gorgeous dresses! love your blog, followed!


  13. Lovely collection.. By the way, can you suggest me some stores for online eyewear shopping..?