Floral and Graffiti OOTD!

Recently I went to a park with one of my friends and we were just walking around and hanging out when we came across some cool graffiti. So we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot with just an iPhone! That being said, please excuse the quality since it wasn't taken with a good camera!

Hopefully none of the graffiti means anything bad lol! I just think graffiti is really cool looking and it makes a super cool background!
 We also found someone had spray-painted "hi" and "hello" on the ground. Of course that made a good picture as well!
 Another picture of my outfit with a simpler background!
Sweater - Forever 21 (Similar); Scarf - PacSun; Pants - JCPenney; Shoes - Old Navy

Do you ever wear scarves in the spring/summer? Tell me in the comments!



  1. Love that blue colour so much


  2. thank you Kylie, isn't it gorgeous?!

  3. thanks Chantel! :)

  4. love the colour of your sweater! xx

  5. I love your sweater and scarf! I really like wearing scarves in the spring and summer! Well, if it's not blazing hot here in Texas. Lol! Love your post, girl!

    xx, Lauren