Babylips NEON Review: Oh Orange!

 As some of you might know, I love Baby Lips! They are definitely my favorite lip balms when I want to add a little color and moisture. You can read another post I did about them here

As soon as I saw there were new Baby Lips, I went on a hunt to find them. My local Target had none, so I  am not sure if they were sold out or they just don't carry them. So I went over to Ulta and they had a few left! Unfortunately, they only had orange, yellow, and green left. Not a big deal since I still left with one, but I would rather have tried a pink or purple color!
I did find that the scent is identical to the Coral Crush Baby Lips, so the color is different.
Oh! Orange! Is on the left, and coral crush is on the right.
Here is a picture of what it actually looks like. As long as I only put 1-2 coats on it isn't too orange. But my friend was with me and also picked it up, and she really doesn't like the color. But if you like coral/orange lips, or like orange scented lip balms, I would recommend it! I am still trying it with other lip products and trying to find a good color to wear it with. 


  1. I am really curious about this. I really want to try the pink one

  2. Danielle O' MalleyJuly 21, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    I can't wait for these to come to Ireland! :D xx

  3. I have heard so much about baby lips these look lovely :) x

  4. The fact that it's scented makes me want it! I'm obsessed with lip colour, the brighter the better though for me, it doesn't look like it comes out very much :(

  5. This sound great, I read somewhere that they're about to hit the UK soon...looking forward to it :D xxx


  6. Elizabeth KimbroughJuly 22, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    Great colors! I need to run pick these up!


  7. Taylor J O'CallaghanJuly 23, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    That colour looks gorgeous! I've read so many good reviews about these recently I really need to try them
    taylorjanway.wordpress.com xx

  8. I LOVE Baby Lips! I've put them on almost everyday this summer! My favorite flavor is Quench, but I'd love to give this one a go as well! Great post!


  9. So many people have raved about Baby Lips to me so I'm going to have to get one soon! Thanks for sending me here via Twitter :) xx

  10. Orange has always been a strange colour for me to get right! But this one looks like it can match any skin tone! Do they have these in England?

  11. It actually is really buildable!

  12. I love quench! It reminds me of fruit loops lol but I also love the colored ones!

  13. I am not sure if the electro collection is out in England yet, but I am 99% sure the original line is!