Saturday Synopsis!

 The Saturday Synopsis {7.27.13}
I haven't done a Synopsis in a while, and with a lot happening right now with me and The Trendy Chick, I thought I would do another one!

 New Posts!
Did you know that one of this seasons trends is pastel leather? I think it is so cute, so I found a few different options! Read more

            Electro babylips anyone?! I picked up this one recently, and decided to do a review on it. Are these limited edition babylips really worth all the hype? See here

 Fan Fringe Necklace J Crew Inspired 
Do you love statement necklaces but can't find ones under $50? I made a post showing 8+ different options that are all under $20! Read more
 Follow me or take a look at more pictures here

    paper straws  monogrammed clutch and lilly maxi... love

My Life!

 Well summer is quickly coming to a close, but I have been very busy with friends, volleyball, work, and blogging of course! I am planning to do an updated Bucket List post soon, since that has to do more with my personal life! 

I enjoy shopping as most of you know, but I don't always have hundreds of dollars to spend. So I always do a little research and find coupons before I go shopping! Here are a few that I think might interest you. If you would like me to do a weekly coupon roundup or something like that, let me know and tell me stores that I should try to find coupons for! Honestly, putting these in one place helps me as much as it helps you! 

American Eagle 30% Off Coupon:: Exp July 28, 2013
B2G1 Beauty Items at Victoria's Secret:: Exp July 28, 2013
 Macy's 20% Off Coupon:: Exp July 28, 2013
 Express $25-$50 off Coupon:: Exp July 28, 2013
Gordmans 20% Off Coupon:: Exp July 28, 2013
Ulta $3.50 Off Coupon:: Ex July 27, 2013
Guest Posting!  

     Recently I came across a website called Smart Girls Group... and I loved it immediately! I decided I want to become apart of it, so that is currently happening, but I can't share much yet. I will keep you guys updated though!
     I recently guest posted on Preppy on the West Coast about my favorite summer nail polishes! Take a look here!
    Chit Chat is also another blog that I came across and I am going to be an August writer for it! Again, I will keep you guys updated on this (probably through twitter) so keep watching!
     Lastly, I am always looking for guest posters on my blog, so if you are a blogger and want to post on The Trendy Chick, learn more here! 
  Giveaways & Wishlist!
I entered a twitter giveaway a few weeks ago, and I ended up winning it! The prize was a free adspace on Nykki's blog! Take a look at her blog (and my cute ad!) here!

 Speaking of giveaways, I have been entering a few the past few days on instagram... so take a look if you are interested! I figure if you don't try, you will never win!

And speaking of that, I also came across a cool giveaway that Ashley is doing to win a monogrammed pullover! I have been wanting one of these for SO long, but have been putting it off since it is summer! Here are a few of my favorite besides the one she is giving away:

Monogrammed Fleece Pullover-Half-zip pullover jacket-SALE limited time   Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt - 1/4 Zip - UNISEX FIT - BLACK - On Sale      1/4 Zip Oxford Gray Circle Font Applique Monogram Sweatshirt with - Makes A Great Personalized  Christmas Gift
Love this combo!                            Love hot pink writing!                  Lilly Pulitzer monogram?!
 Hunter boots in tiffany blue, yellow or classic green, I'm fine with any really ;)

Lastly, I have also been wanting Hunter Boots for months, but I have yet to splurge on a pair mainly because I can't decide on what color to get! Tell me what your favorite color is in the comments, or link and posts you have wearing Hunter Rain Boots! 


  1. the rain boots are super pretty <3

    check out my latest look:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3352


  2. Sam @ Frills &amp; ThrillsJuly 27, 2013 at 4:39 PM

    Hi sweety, really enjoyed this post and fanatic mix of things, love the idea of pastel leather! The hunter boots look so cute, i would want one in every colour!

  3. I love this post.

  4. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    The Hunter boots really are so cool, I've yet to get a pair!
    I would love to stay in touch!

    Have a great day,

  5. I love that pastel jacket it's so so pretty!

  6. hey,pretty blog and love the baby lips ,the color is so pretty!
    new follower ,hope you like my blog :)

  7. I love those boots! I'd get them in every color for sure! And omg there are coupons here...so dangerous for me, lol!
    A Beauty Moment

  8. thank you Khloe!

  9. Thanks Sam! I do want every color lol!

  10. thank you Chantel!

  11. Thank you so much Kati! :)

  12. Isn't it?! I am loving pastel leather!

  13. thank you so much Andy! I am glad you liked it! :)

  14. LOL another coupon lover! Gotta love a good deal right?! ;)