Collective Summer Outfits

Collective Summer Outfits

Hi everyone! I'm Aline from the blog My Collective Style and I'm excited to be sharing a post for Scarlett on her blog! I created four outfits that incorporate some of my favortie trends for this summer! Let me know what you think. :)

1.) The first outfit is a graphic cropped top paired with black high-waisted shorts. Graphic prints are a huge trend this summer and I love that this one has a marvel comic strip covering it. I also paired the outfit with studded converse to give it a little edge along with a beanie that says the word "geek" and a red purse just for a pop of color.

2.) The second outfit is definitely something I would wear to go out into the city. It's feminine and glamorous. I paired a white crop top with floral print pants, I mean you cannot go wrong with floral prints during the summer time. I added a necklace to accessorize the top. As for the shoes, bag, and sunglasses, I kept the colors in a similar nudish-brown family.

3.) The next outfit is a neon floral print dress paired with cutout boots (huge trend) and some simple accessories such as sunglasses, a straw hat, and a bag. I love this outfit because it's on trend and definitely something that could transition into an outfit for the fall.

4.) Lastly, the fourth outfit incorporates bright pops of color, graphic prints, and a circle skirt. I love the mint colored bag for this outfit. I like to play up colors and mixing with a bold yellow and pink with a pastel blue and mint definitely play up the summer vibe. Circle skirts have become huge, especially denim ones. The one I added to this outfit completes the feminine look.

I hope you liked these looks! Be sure to check out my blog for more fashion posts!


  1. Gorgeous outfits! Love them all! :)

    Katy x

  2. I love these outfits. Great job!

  3. Love the dress in the third look!