What's In My Bag: Fall 2013

Recently I got this bag for free, and I have been using it a ton for fall! It is originally from H&M and  it is such a pretty brown color! As most of you know I love cross-body bags, and this bag is no exception!
 Here is a look inside the bag. As you can see, it holds all of my stuff and still has room for more.
In my bag: Gum, pen, ear-buds, wristlet, lip balm, colored lip balm, hand sanitizer, and a notebook. I also keep my keys and phone in there whenever I go anywhere obviously, but I didn't have them in there when I took the pictures. I normally have even more lip products in here since I am kind of obsessed, and I made the notebook myself! 

What do you keep in your bag? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett


  1. Just about the same as you in the bag, minus the hand sanitiser, but think I may include it as a good idea xx

  2. I also have to have sanitizer as I love having my hands smell good and not germy! lol