Nivea Lip Butters

 Today I am back with another lip products post! I am just going to share my opinions on the Nivea Lip Butters and tell you guys what I like and dislike about them. To get creative with this I decided to hold them up in front of my face so you can just see my hair and shirt. When I first came up with this idea I was going to change my nails and hair between every single picture, along with changing my shirt. I ended up just changing my shirt because it would have taken WAY too long to repaint my nails and change my hair to "match" the lip butter.
 Raspberry Rose Kiss: This is my favorite scent. It smells like raspberries which reminds me of a girly spring scent. I matched this lip balm with my chambray shirt that has pink polka dots since it is feminine and perfect for spring!
 Caramel Cream Kiss: This has a strong sweet scent that reminds me of desserts. The scent isn't too overpowering though, and goes away after a few minutes. It reminded me of a cozy winter scent so I put on a striped chunky sweater to go with this lip butter! You can see a way I styled this sweater here.
Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss: This was the first one I bought. I obviously liked it enough to buy the other two lip butters! This one also has a slight sweet scent, but it is more subtle than Caramel Cream Kiss. I think of this scent as more of a classic scent that most people would enjoy, so I paired it with a classic striped shirt! 

Another positive thing about these lip butters is that they moisturize my lips very well. If i put a nice layer of this product on before I go to bed I wake up with very healthy and moisturized lips!

One bad thing about them is that you have to be careful how much you put on or else your lips could look a little white. If you put too much on or don't rub it in enough, your lips can look a little strange! Once you do it a few times you learn how much to put on and it isn't a problem. 
Another bad thing is the lack of selection. They only have the original one and three flavors to choose from. Personally, I love lip products that are scented, so I didn't even try the original! 
Lastly, since this product is in a tin, you have to make sure your fingers are clean before you apply! I generally keep these products at home for that reason and don't use them unless I have just washed my hands!

Overall: I will repurchase these again once I run out! I really hope they also come out with more scents to choose from as well! These are the first Nivea products I tried, and I definitely want to try more after loving these! 

Have you tried these? Do you love any Nivea products? Share in the comments!  

xo, Scarlett


  1. Great review and if it was in a
    lipstick style applicator i would rush out to buy it but i don't like the using
    my fingers way to apply this, i would have to carry around a brush.
    However great review. :)



  2. I Have tried a strawberry one before & it was super great & tasty lol


    - check my New ( Quick & Crazy ) OOTD

    leave me some love !!


  3. I agree! I like products with applicators better but this works so well that it is worth it to me! They do have other Nivea lip products that you don't have to use your finger, so I will have to try those and see if they work as well! xo

  4. Do you remember what brand the strawberry one was? I love finding new lip products lol! xo

  5. I have tried these lip butters but they sound great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love that stuff I use it literally everyday in the winter! I love the Raspberry Rose one!


  7. Nivea is one of my favourite brands, I use their moisturiser daily it's my all time favourite!
    Haven't seen these lip butters before! I am definitely going to try out that raspberry though! Sounds delicious!

    Love this post! So glad you sent me the link to your blog! Can't wait to see more!
    Have a lovely weekend!