What Comes Next

As soon as I came back from Spain, I knew I wanted to travel again. Really, if I could have just come home for a day or two and then leave again I would have been perfectly fine with that!
I always wanted to travel, but going to Europe only made that desire stronger.
 part of my heart will be in Spain!
Do I have any immediate plans to travel? Unfortunately, no. I am still in school and can't take the time off to travel too much and I don't have the money to travel to too many places!
I do know that this summer I will be traveling somewhere inside the United States, but specific plans have not been made yet. Then in spring of 2015 I will be traveling to Puerto Rico unless there is a drastic change in plans!
Until then, the only thing I can do to make me feel a little better is look at pictures in the travel section on Pinterest. I have to admit, that is my guilty pleasure whenever I am in bed about to go to sleep. I will sit and go through the pins for a few minutes at least once a week. Here are a few of my recent favorites!
Santorini, Greece This at the top of my bucket list!  In fact if I don't make here before I die, just scatter my ashes here; that'll work for me! 

Riomaggiore, Italy.  Such a beautiful place! Went there for our honeymoon.

New York City 

Catherine Palace  | Saint Petersburg, Russia (East Europe) 

Lastly I will leave you with two of my favorite travel tips! 

Talk to people who live there or who have traveled before you and get recommendations if you are looking for good places to go! I had many people recommend places I should visit in Spain, but since this trip was a missions trip I wasn't able to visit them this trip!

Keep a travel journal! I wrote in my journal every day while I was in Europe and it helped me remember so many details that I already would have forgotten! 
I really wish I had one of the two journals I gave to friends for Christmas presents as my travel journal! But I know both of those journals have gone to good use ;) I really just love the quote on the one and the classy look of the one with the Eiffel Tower! I will have to go back to TJMaxx sometime soon and try to snag a cute one for myself that is fitting for a travel journal.

Displaying photo.PNG 

Here are a few alternatives I found that are also cute! 

Eiffel Tower Journal, French Script mini notebook, Vintage inspired altered journal, Kraft Moleskine Notebook, birthday gift 


Travel Journal Oh Darling Let's Be Adventurers • Gift Under 25 Stocking Stuffer • Gifts for Her Traveler • Calligraphy Mint Green Moleskin 


  1. When my mum was in Ghana last year she wrote me a travel journey, it's one of my most treasured possessions and such a good idea! Those journals are beautiful, I can't wait to travel to more places, I bet it'll be amazing to travel in the US-I hope you have a wonderful time! L xo

  2. I want to travel soooo much but just don't have the pennies at the moment. I still try to see as much as I can though. Italy and New York are also on my list...ahhh daydreaming now!

    Steph xx

  3. I looove traveling :) and I really hope I can go to Santorini this summer!

    xx Vivi

  4. These are awesome travel tips. My dream vacation spots are Greece, Italy, France and England with Greece and France at the top of my list. I studied a lot of Greek History, Myths and Civilization in college and took a couple of years of French in school so I am really partial to the two countries. You have some great trips planned. I look forward to your sharing of your travel experiences and photos.


  5. Recently I have been thinking of traveling a lot too! I hope someday I can just go and travel to Europe for a month, or travel around the US. These all look like great places to go.


  6. I love travel too, that's why I moved to Europe! There are so many wonderful places to see!

  7. I really want too travel more then anything but I'm soo broke at the moment. I would do the entire Asia (including Russia) area and New Zealand.

  8. That is so cool that she wrote one! Thanks! xo

  9. I know exactly what you mean on being a little low on funds! xo

  10. oooh so jealous that you might be going there, Vivi!

  11. That is awesome that you know exactly which places you want to go first! xo

  12. Oh the Netherlands would be a fun place to go! But I am jealous that you live in England... I really want to visit there someday! xo

  13. Going to Europe for a month would be so much fun! But you get to go to NYC soon so that is a great start for traveling around the US! xo

  14. oh I wish I could move to Europe, or just go there for a month or two even! xo

  15. I know what you mean about being broke, Anna! But traveling to Asia and New Zealand would be amazing! xo