DIY Heart Nail Tutorial!

Recently, I saw a tutorial with a circle hole punch to create nail designs with circles. I decided to switch it up and use a heart hole punch to create red and gold Valentine's Day nails! 

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The only things you need besides the nail polish is a heart hole punch and tape! I used washi tape, but normal tape would probably work too!

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All you have to do is place the tape over your nails and carefully paint over it! Just make sure you push the tape down well over your nails! Also, make sure your base color is fully dry before you add the tape, or else some will come off when you take the tape off!

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The finished look! I decided to use red and gold and only do the design on two nails. 

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Another picture of the design! Personally, I really like how simple and easy it is, and it is perfect for Valentine's Day! Fun fact: These Hershey Kisses got eaten about 5 minutes after these pictures were taken! 

Do you like this nail design? How are you painting your nails for Valentine's Day? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett

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