Spring Break 2014 To-Do List!

This year for spring break I get to stay in town since my spring break doesn't line up with my brothers and with everything that has been happening in my family recently. Most people give you a pitiful look when they hear you are staying behind in the cold, but actually I am very happy that I have 9 days to catch up and get ahead! I am babysitting a few days to get some extra money, but I also am going to have lots of time to be productive. I came up with a list of 14 things I need to do over break, and I have actually already accomplished some! 

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon and so far I have already written a few blogs posts, including one guest post, planned one sleepover, did a little college research, applied for 2 scholarships, went to see Divergent, spent time with God, worked out, and read Looking for Alaska by John Green, which I actually just included in another recent post
I have been so productive so far and I can't wait to finish everything on the list! :) 
What are your spring break plans? If you are traveling or already did travel, I would love to hear where! If you are staying home, do you plan just to relax? Or will you be productive too? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett

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  1. I'm open to having guest posts. On either blog, or both. Fashion only isGemini Q (www.geminiq.blog.com) or Q Edwards (www.quanahedwards.blog.com), which is a little of everything.