Favorite Handbags for Spring 2014

Hey guys! Today I have an awesome guest post from Mallory to share with you guys. I have been obsessed with handbags, so when she offered to write a post about her favorites for spring 2014, I knew it was something I wanted to share with you guys!

Just because you’re still hoofing around in a scarf and boots, doesn’t mean you can’t add some springtime flair to your wardrobe! We all know handbags are a girl’s most essential accessory, and by this time next week, we’ll be ditching the over-sized totes and dark-colored hues for a few more bright and playful options. Check out these awesome picks that adhere to this season’s handbag trends!
714-730 - Calvin Klein Handbags Saffiano Leather Lock Domed Satchel
In stark contrast to many of the hot styles this season, one of the most popular choices is to go pale with nude, beige, and rose pink colors. This Calvin Klein Saffiano Leather Lock Domed Satchel from ShopHQ ($178) keeps to the guidelines: minimalist, solid colored, and equipped with top-handles, which will be all the rage this spring!
A bit more novel this season is the ever-popular bucket handbags. This style is awesome, because it provides easy access with a drawstring top, and clever, because they somehow made the act of unceremoniously dumping everything into your bag cute. This grunge Deena & Ozzy pick from Urban Outfitters ($39) comes in every color, from black, brown and navy, to beige and nude, to neon yellow and coral.

The Fall/Winter collections got me warmed up to the idea of metallic that were feminine and eclectic, instead of sci-fi and gimmicky. Now I’m excited to put them to the test! This aqua clutch/shoulder bag from J Renee Moira, found at Dillard’s ($109), is a fun and interesting alternative to the typical formal evening bag.

Grey, Yellow Floral Clutch Purse with Nickel/Silver Finish  Metal Clasp
It’s widely known and accepted that florals are inevitable this time of year, and that’s what makes this Stacy Lavelle clutch purse ($26) so perfect. It combines a flower graphic and bold geometric pattern with the bright yellow hue that will remain on the shelves for a good while longer, in a way that is accessible and cool to match with other solids and patterns.
Although satchels and evening bags seem to be getting continually smaller, overlarge totes and backpacks are still commonplace – and for that, I am thankful! There are plenty of cute canvas, leather and nylon fashion backpacks that make going to class or a coffee shop meeting a stylish affair. This play on the Stars and Stripes by Zumiez ($39) is great, because it is unusually compact! It also comes in a lovely light pink and blue, which is just the ticket for 2014, as there will be plenty of pastels debuting in the next couple of weeks.

Wrapping up the mix is one fad which will likely pass soon enough, but I’ll tolerate it for the stay: transparent handbags. It’s a little strange, knowing that passersby will be able to see the full contents of your purse; but I say if you’re comfortable with it, more power to you! Regardless, I greatly approve of Michael Kors’ adaptation with this cool striped “Jet Set” tote ($179), sold at FarFetch.com.

What are your favorite handbags for the spring season? Do you love or hate some of these styles and colors? Share in the comments!

Guest Post by Mallory Dion


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