Monthly Musts: June

Last month I began with my first Monthly Musts post, and I have to say it helped me stay on track this month. I am also proud to say that I at least began everything. Did I finish all the videos in my playlist? No but I watched quite a few! I didn't finish the scarf either, but I am almost done! I also only cleaned about half of my room, but I have 3 more months to finish the rest! 


MUST WATCH- Pretty Little Liars comes back on this month, so that's exciting for me and my friends!
MUST DO-5 new things. Summer is the perfect time to attempt new things, plus I will be traveling to a new place in June.
MUST MAKE-A new workout schedule. One that I will actually stick to! 

MUST WEAR-Two new headbands that I bought at Charlotte Russe recently and I am in love with. I am wearing one right now as I type this lol!
MUST GO-On as many walks on the beach as I can! 
MUST FEEL- Contentment. Summer is a time where I should just be able to feel content with my life and happy to be where I am at. I want to focus on this during the next few weeks! 

Let me know in the comments if you do a Monthly Musts post! Also, let me know if you have any suggestions for new things for me to try! 

xo, Scarlett


  1. This is an Amazing musts list for June dear :) wonderful post