Iced Lemon Cookies + Video!

Hey loves! Today I am doing a different type of post... a baking post! I really enjoy baking and actually do quite a bit of it, so I took this opportunity to snap a few pictures, take some video, and share the recipe with you!  


The recipe is so easy and they turn out looking pretty and delicious! 

Also, for the icing all you do is mix a little lemon juice and powdered sugar. I didn't use actual measurements but you can see in the video what the consistency looks like! 

Would you like to see more videos in future posts? I know this first one wasn't the best, but you have to learn from your mistakes, right? Tell me in the comments your thoughts!

xo, Scarlett


  1. Mmm these look good. Thanks for sharing. Hello from the Social Media Mixer!

  2. Love Lemon cookies! These look so good. Thanks for sharing at the Social Media Mixer!