Summer Bucket List 2014!

Yesterday I posted my Junior Year Bucket List Recap. Today I am going to share my summer bucket list! But I do have you warn you guys, some of this stuff isn't exactly "bucket list" material. It is all just stuff I want to get done this summer, whether it is a chore or a really fun thing! Some things might be a little out there (which makes them perfect for a bucket list) so I probably won't finish all of them. Even if I don't, it still inspires me to go out there and have fun so I can make memories and cross things off the list!

1. Have a game night
2. Visit a local used book shop. (Side note: I need to go back because I didn't have enough time to thoroughly browse. Also, I discovered they had tons of old pictures upstairs that I believe you can purchase. I find old pictures fascinating so I will have to go back and look through them!)
3. Clean out my inbox by deleting emails and sorting.
4. Read 20 books (8/20)
5.  Go parasailing
6. Have a random acts of kindness day
7. Play messy twister
8. Sleep on a trampoline
9. Cook dinner with a group of friends
10. Go stargazing
11. Go to a local bakery that everyone raves about
12. Go to a local cookie shop that everyone also raves about
13. Go to a local custard place with L.K.
14. Visit a friend who works at a local ice cream place
15. Play tennis with K and D
16. Go on a long bikeride (aka an hour or more)
17. Go to an outlet mall that isn't too far away from me
18. Go to breakfast with L.K.
19. Host a link-up on my blog
20. Go thrift shopping
21. Get a s'mores blizzard from DQ (or five... I love those!)
22. Go mini golfing
23.Go to a concert
24. Pick berries
25. Water balloon fight 
26. Leave kind notes on someones car
27. Try sushi ( I don't like any seafood so I have never tried it but I have a few friends who are on a mission to get me to try it. And why not, I might actually love it!)
28. Try a macaron (Yes... I fail as a fashion blogger because I have never tried one before! Oops!)
29. Go geocaching   
30. Learn calligraphy

Please note that I left out the names of some places I want to go and I also just used initials for friends because I don't want to share their names without permission! Also, I might add to this if I think of more ideas!

Here are a few pictures from my summer already that I have shared on Instagram!




 What is on your summer bucket list? Do we have any of the same things? Tell me in the comments because I love hearing what other people plan on doing as well! 

xo, Scarlett


  1. This is such a nice idea! My Summer doesn't start till the 26th so a little patience will have to be in order :( Have fun!! xx

  2. Thank you! That isn't too much longer though... keep pushing through! xo

  3. Looks like a great list to me!

  4. Bucket lists are so fun! I hope you get to accomplish them all!!

  5. Your "leave a note on someone's car" reminded me of a time that I went into a public bathroom and there was just a book sitting on the counter. It ended up having a really lovely note in it from someone who had read the book and wanted to pass it on to another person.

  6. So the s'more blizzards are good, huh?!? I wasn't sure about the marshmallow stuff chocolate... so I went with one of my old standby's, Reese's Cup. Parasailing is a blast! And sushi is delicious, you have to at least give it a try! Looks like an epic summer!