How to keep your clothes free of pet hair

Fun fact: I have 3 cats so no outfit is complete without pet hair in my house! Over the years I have found some great ways to keep pet hair from getting on my clothes and how to get it off before I leave the house. Today I wanted to share my favorite tips with you guys in case you have an animal and deal with this issue too!

1. Use a lint roller to get hair off- Before you leave the house, just run it over your clothes to make sure you don't have a ton of hair on your clothes.

2. Keep an emergency roll of masking tape in your car- I can't even count how many times I have arrived somewhere and looked down to see my nice black pants have white hair all over them. I now keep a roll of tape in my console and use it if needed!

3. Wear patterns- I have one cat who is almost all white and his hair gets everywhere. If I wear dark colors like black or navy, I have to be SO careful. But if I wear a patterned top, the hair doesn't show as much since it is already busy.

4. Wear lounge clothes during a play session- If I am snuggling, playing with, or brushing my cats, I always make sure I am wearing clothes that are either easy to get the hair off of or clothes that I don't care if they get hairy. 

5. Brush your pets- Speaking of brushing, if you brush you pet once a day for a few minutes, it definitely helps keep the hair off of you and everything else in your house!

6. Clean your house- The worst thing is sitting down on your bed or couch only to realize you just got pet hair all over your back side. This is a simple fix- just wash your bedding every week or so and vacuum your couches as much as your floor! Or just sit on chairs that don't have hair ;) 

7. Choose wisely when buying clothes- Certain fabrics attract hair and fuzzies more, so check the fabric before you buy it. For me, any time I have to buy something black, I always check to see if it already has fuzzies or hair on it. If it doesn't, it is probably a good sign.

Also, the cat in the above picture was a kitten that my friend had. So yes, it is my picture but it isn't my cat. If you want to see my cats, checkout my Instagram! I hashtag all of the pictures with my cats #thetrendycat so feel free to search that on Instagram to see them.

How do you keep pet hair off of your clothes? Share in the comments! 
xo, Scarlett


  1. This post is perfect. I have two dogs and they shed like crazy so I'm always covered in hair. I never thought about the idea of wearing patterns though. Love it!


  2. Oh great advice!!!! I also have a dog and I am in love with her but her hair is everywhere :) xxxx

    You are welcome
    to visit my blog -- http://www.mlleepaulettegirl.com/

  3. Grace ZiegfeldgirlJuly 24, 2014 at 2:12 PM

    brilliant post! my cat's hair is everywhere even in my car!