Monday Mash-up

This past week was a whirlwind of activities and I can't believe how fast this summer is going... I go back to school in just a few short weeks! But there are so many exciting things happening in my life in September (and some not so exciting things such as the ACT to try to raise it another point!)

desk styling 
How cute is this set up? My For The Home board on Pinterest is full of pictures like this to inspire me! I reached 1,000 followers on Pinterest this last week too! 

gold cap toe turquoise snakeskin loafers #casualfriday 
I am itching to DIY a pair of loafers like this!

simple + dots 
As most of you know, I am obsessed with polka dots, so I need this skirt in my life! 

Even though I am definitely not ready to go back to school and homework and tests and death, I am ready for fall fashion!Bring on the cute sweaters and plaid/gingham! I can't wait to recreate this outfit with similar pieces I have in my closet. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Under $50 Picks! 

Now you won't be seeing an Nordstrom Sale Guide on my blog because there have already been so many and I am sure after reading the first 3 last week you were sick of them. But I have to say I love the creative spin Laura put on her guide! She chose her favorite picks under $50, which I really like because as you know, I try to find affordable pieces. Plus it was a little different and more unique from all the other guides out there, so props to her! Read the full post here and check her blog for other awesome posts! Or to learn more about her, read this Trendy Talks feature!

DIY Giant Citrus Balloons
Yup. This is definitely happening sometime in the near future.

And don't forget this...

Will you be recreating anything from this post? Did you pick up anything new at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett


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  2. I love that Kate Spade Iphone case! Too cute.


  3. Great picks and snaps :) I just ordered the KS iphone cover! Thanks for visiting SLS, have a great week!


  4. I love those loafers! So so so cute!

  5. Love the polka dotted skirt. I can see why you would want it!


  6. I love the outfits, super cute!
    Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Hope to hear from you!


  7. Thank you! Isn't it adorable?! xo

  8. Thank you Hallie! xo

  9. lol yes it would fit right into my closet! xo

  10. Thank you Natalie! I will take a look at your blog! :)

  11. Those loafers are so pretty! Also loving that leather watch the girl is wearing in one of the photos. On my wishlist is a leather watch!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  12. that polka dot skirt needs to be added to my closet! I can already think of numerous ways I'd style it.
    Great post, as always!

    xoxo, Sydney