My Top 6 Agendas

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With the new school year right around the corner, I know many girls are going to be searching for the perfect planner. My school gives us a planner, so I usually just buy 1 extra one to use for blogging. I have yet to pick out one for this fall, so I compiled a list of ones that are cute. 
Personally, I have seen SO many girls with Lilly agendas that I doubt I will get one because I want to be a little different! Kate Spade is getting popular too, but I really like how simple yet chic they are, so they are definitely in my top choices! I like the print of the Jonathan Adler one, but I am still not completely sold on it. 
My favorite would have to be the very last one. It also happens to be the cheapest, which is great! Since I am just using it for blogging and personal appointments I don't need it to be huge. I think it is the perfect size and price, and the front is a cute reminder for me to get out of my comfort zone.

Which of these agendas is your favorite? Have you already bought one for this fall? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett


  1. Great post! I just did a similar one on my blog as well! I caved with the Lilly agenda! Ah I love it though! Love ya darling:)


  2. If I had to choose from these six, I'd go with one of the Kate Spade agendas! The size seems perfect and maybe they'll hold up a little better than the Lilly Pulitzer ones do ... I find that my LP agenda was falling apart halfway through they year.

    You should also look into MayBooks, they're super cute and completely personalized by you! Very unique and no one else will have the same agenda!

    xoxo, Sydney


  3. Lilly always makes the best planners! Love these!

  4. I just got the Kate Spade polka dot one and love it!


  5. Love the Lilly ones.Although that Kate Spade is on my radar too-neat post!


  6. These are really cute! I love getting planners for school, it's one of my favorite things.