{Trendy Talks} Rebecca from Cella Jane

For this week's Trendy Talks post, I interviewed Rebecca from Cella Jane. Do keep in mind that I interviewed her about a month ago, so by now she has had her baby! Her daughter Sutton is too cute!


1. How did your blog begin? 
I have always loved fashion and followed so many bloggers, I finally decided to start my own. I love sharing my style, beauty, and hair tips that I have learned over the years, and my love for health and fitness.

2. Where does the name Cella Jane come from? 
I named the blog after my Grandmother, Marcella Jane. I wanted something unique and was having the hardest time deciding, so I asked my mom for some suggestions. She suggested Cella Jane and I just loved it.

3. How many hours each week do you spend blogging? 
I work from home and I have a flexible schedule that allows me to shoot when needed, which is nice. I would say I spend around 15 hours a week on the blog. Some people may think it's just shooting pics and created the post, but so much more goes on "behind the scenes." Answering emails, promoting on social sites, researching new ideas and content, editing, the list can go on and on. But I enjoy every minute of it!

4. What is your favorite post you have written? 
This is a tough one... but it probably has to be when I announced we were expecting a baby. It's such a fun and exciting time in your life and you just want to share it with everyone. My readers mean so much, so it was fun to share! http://www.cellajane.com/2014/02/exciting-news.html

5. What 3 words best describe your personal style?
Casual, classic, boho-chic and ever-changing. I know that's four, but I had to include ever-changing because it is, and I know these don't seem to all go together, but trust me, it somehow works! 

6. What is your favorite brand? 
This was so hard to narrow down, but as of late, I would have to say ZARA. I LOVE everything ZARA and so affordable! That could easily be my one stop shop. I go in and get so overwhelmed, I could take every piece home with me. Plus they have a kids and home section. I mean really, it's just amazing.

7. Who is your style icon? Why? 
This is always changing as well. Currently, I am in love with Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson-fashion bloggers from Australia. I follow them on Instagram and I LOVE their style.

8. We have all had at least one... what was your worst style mishap? 
I was tube top obsessed in college and wore them like every night I went out; and it wasn't just me all my friends wore them too, it was like we were the tube top clan.

9. If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would you go? 
Currently, I am 39 weeks pregnant, so the idea of traveling doesn't sound too fun, but if I wasn't, I would love to go to Bora Bora. The place is stunning!! I already know where I would want to stay...The Hilton, where they have these overwater bungalows in this bright blue lagoon. How amazing would that be!? I am definitely a beach gal when it comes to vacations and Bora Bora is hands down one of the best beach getaways. 


Thank you so much for reading this week's Trendy Talks post! Comment below if you and Becky have anything in common. Also, don't forget to checkout her blog if you don't already follow her! 

xo, Scarlett

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