Comment Your Way To Success

If you are wondering how to get more people to engage on your blog and how to bring new people in your site, I have the answer: Comments! Whenever I spend a few minutes in the morning commenting on other people's blogs, I always see more traffic come back to mine and even more comments on my posts! Today I wanted to share a few commenting tips with you guys! 

1. Getting a genuine comment on my blog can actually make my day. Since I know how happy it makes me, I try to spread the love and comment on other peoples posts too! 

2. Leave a clickable link back to your blog if you want people to actually come to your blog from the comment! If someone just leaves a link but it isn't clickable, chances are I won't take the time to actually type it in and visit. That sounds bad, but it's true. 

3. Leave genuine comments. There are some posts I read and I have nothing to say at the end so I don't leave a comment. Usually I can always give my opinion or say something nice though, so I do leave a comment and I make sure it is genuine and not just "Great post! -my name - my blog link" 

4. Usually when you leave a comment there will be a picture by it. Remember to add a picture of yourself if there isn't one or update it if it is old! 

5. Reply to comments you get on your blog. Nothing is worse than commenting on a blog day after day and never getting a reply. I understand it isn't possible to reply to everyone. But put a little effort in, just 5 or 10 minutes a day, and reply to the genuine comments you received! If I see someone replies to comments, I will want to leave a comment because I know that means they actually read them! 

6. Comment on new blogs too! Obviously you will comment on the ones in your Bloglovin feed often, but branch out! Click on a link someone left in the comments and leave a genuine comment on their most recent post. Scroll through twitter and read and comment on any posts shared there. Even tweet that you want to read a few new blogs and I can guarantee people will share new links with you! It is a great way to find new blogs to read and a great way to make new friends too! 

Do you have any other tips that have to do with comments? What was your favorite tip in this post?  Let me know in the comments!
xo, Scarlett


  1. This is a really good post - I am trying to comment more on other people's blogs because I know how much it means to me to get comments so I want to give that back to the blogs I read! I think my favourite tip in the post was to find new blogs and comment on there.. it's always good to find new blogs!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

  2. These are all great points. I did a similar post on my blog a little while ago. It's also important, the comment form be easy to find and use (like disqus). If you use the default comment system, don't enable captcha codes, because that will make people not want to comment.

  3. haha. here is me leaving a comment on your post about commenting! I find that when I comment I seem to get a little boost in traffic too. I will certainly make more of an effort to comment on other posts I read from now on. And yes, I like to get a genuine response when I leave a comment as well, I also ensure to respond to all the comments I get on my blog.

  4. I really like this post! Also, I completely agree, anytime there is a thoughtful and genuine comment on one of my blog posts it truly does make my day. It's great to know that not only are people reading your posts and enjoying them but they're thought provoking or at least relaxing! One of the great things about the blogger community is that it's just that, a blogger community! Comments are such a great way to promote that!

    Emily | emilyanddot.blogspot.com

  5. I hate it when someone leaves a comment that has nothin to do with the blog, just a copy and paste thing. Why bother? "Lovely Post" really bothers me. I also on't like when people try the follow for follow thing. If you want to follow me that is great, but don't ask me to follow you for it in return, that isnt what I'm about.
    I've a really nice group of girls that always come to comment and say such lovely things and it really makes my day :)

    Gems x http://fashion-well-done.blogspot.co.uk/