School Weekday Morning Routine

When I shared my summer morning routine, I got a few requests to share my morning routine during the school year. While my school year one is a lot shorter, it still could be interesting to some people so I wanted to share it. 
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I wake up and lay in bed for maybe 5 minutes. I am not a person who likes waking up and snoozing for an hour before I actually get out of bed. I would rather sleep in until the last minute possible then get up and go.

By this time I am eating breakfast. During the school week I stick to cereal just because it is quick and fills me up longer than some other quick foods. But let's be honest, I keep some sort of food in my locker to snack on between classes in case I get hungry! 

After I eat breakfast I go get dressed. I usually think of what outfit I am going to wear in the few minutes I spend laying in bed before I get up. This is another trick to help me get up because if I see a cute outfit, I get excited to wear it and get up! 

After I get dressed I go brush my teeth, brush my hair, and put my contacts in. I rarely rare makeup to school... usually just a little concealer and lip gloss. I will sometimes wear mascara but I usually will just curl my lashes if I want to do that. I will also put on a little body spray or scented lotion during this time if I want to. If I have extra time and I am feeling adventurous, I will try a hairstyle. Most days I will just put in a bow or headband, but sometimes I braid the front part of my hair or try something more complicated if I have extra time!

The night before I make part of my lunch, but at this time I pack the rest of it. I take my own lunch every day because the school does not offer good options. Ever. 

I am out the door by 7:45 or 7:50 at the latest. I only live about 5 minutes away from the school so I drive there. I usually get there 5 or 10 minutes early, so I sit in my car listening to the radio and catching up on social media and blogs! By 8 or 8:05 I am in the building and ready to conquer the day (or go back to bed...)! 

As you can tell, I have perfected my routine over the years so I can get up as late as possible. By 2nd semester I usually don't get up until 7:15 because I have gotten so into the routine! 

What is your routine? What time do you get up for school or work? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett


  1. lol... number one..


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  2. making your lunch and doing as much as you can the night before is always so helpful