Review Senior Year Bucket List

Do you guys remember this lovely post from the beginning of the year about my Senior Year Bucket list? Well, since we are halfway through the year (crazy!) I wanted to update everyone and share what I have done and how the year has gone so far! 

Here is how the list looks currently. I have done 10 out of 25! Not bad! 

1. Go to a concert
2. Get a dress I love for Homecoming and go have fun! 
3. Do a color run
4. Go to/host a bonfire
5. Go on a road trip
6. Get accepted into college
7. Have senior pictures taken with friends
8.Go night/early morning swimming
9. Look at Christmas lights with friends
10. Go ice skating
11.Go stargazing
12. Go to a drive in movie
13.Go to a sporting event that has nothing to do with my school
14.Go to a pumpkin patch
15. Read 10 non school books (3/10)
16. Make 2 things off of Pinterest (2/2)
17. Get a dress I love for prom and go to prom! 
18. Go to Puerto Rico
19. Get grades I am happy with
20. Graduate 
21. Complete a Bible study
22.  Host a cookie exchange party
23. Have a Christmas party with friends
24. Buy a nicer camera
25. Go sledding 

So far this year has been really good. If you remember, I get off by 1:15 every day, which has been so nice. Most of my friends don't get out for another hour after I do (some even later!) so I am definitely lucky to have gotten such a great schedule! This means I usually come straight home and blog/ do homework most day to get some stuff on my to do list crossed off so I can do something at night if there is something to do!

Some people say junior year was super difficult, but I have to say I got my best grades junior year. So I assumed senior year would be my worst year, but surprisingly I have barely even been stressed this year! I think getting off a few hours early really helps, but also I have just learned by now how to manage my time. 

The verdict? Senior year has been great so far, and spring semester should be even better! (Hello Senior class trip!) 

Hope you guys liked this little update! I know I don't always share personal posts on here, but some of you do enjoy reading them and getting to know a little bit more about me so that's why I do occasionally do posts like this! 

xo, Scarlett

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  1. I love seeing people's bucket lists! It's a great way to get new ideas - thanks for sharing. Good luck completing it!