What To Do Over Spring Break

If you are like me and staying home over spring break this year, you might find yourself getting a little bored. I always seem to have stuff to do, but after a whole week I might be looking for other things to do. Today I compiled a list of ideas to keep you busy over break! 

ice cream color perfection 

-Clean your room-
Go through and clean everything really well. If you find something that you don't love, get rid of it! Toss any trash you find and even vacuum if you're really bored! 

-Do a DIY-
Whether you want to paint a masterpiece or spruce up a piece you already own, get creative and try a DIY! 

-Finish  a project-
Are you in the process of doing something, such as knitting a scarf or painting a room? Is there a project that has been on your to do list forever, such as cleaning out your closet? Now is the perfect time! It's 2015, just get it done! 

-Go for a hike/walk/run/bike ride-
I love going on bike rides with friends in the summer, but it is also super fun to go to a trail and walk around! 

-Build a fort-
Pretend like you're 5 again and build an awesome fort! Then watch some Netflix inside or read a good book.

-Do school work-
I know, I know. But really, if you have a big project coming up or something you could be doing, it is the perfect time to get a head start if you have some free time!

-Bake something-
Gather a few friends and make something delicious! Now is the perfect time to try one of those recipes you pinned a year ago!

-Try a new cafe-
Try a new cafe in your town, or try something new at one you have been to before. Bonus points for Instagramming it ;) 

-Plan an adventure-
Get a friend or two and plan an adventure. It can be to the local farmer's market (a few of my friends and I tried this once and failed miserably... it truly was an adventure!) or planning to roadtrip across the country.

-Try new flavors of ice cream-
Ben and Jerry's has dozens of flavors for a reason!

-Go star gazing-
Has anyone else ever dreamed of getting a bunch of pillows and blankets in the back of a truck and driving out to the country to stargaze? Goals. 


What do you do when you're bored? Share in the comments! 
xo, Scarlett

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  1. spring cleaning was always my favorite thing to do on spring break (especially cleaning out my bookbag)! helps you to feel refreshed and ready when you return to school!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon