Work Hard Stay Humble (GIVEAWAY!)

This week I am back with yet another print giveaway for you! If anyone else is building a gallery wall like I am, then I am sure you will appreciate winning a print for free!

   This week I am working with Paper Tie Affair. I absolutely love their gold foil prints, and I decided I wanted one that said "work hard stay humble." I love the daily reminder that no matter how successful you get, you need to stay humble and still be a hard worker.

I currently have mine placed on my bedside table. It will probably stay here until summer when I finish my gallery wall, but I actually really like it here! 

The prints come in the mail, which originally concerned me since they could easily be bent. But the packaging is so cute and durable to ensure that the print will come in good condition. I bought this frame from Micheal's for just a few dollars and now it is ready to be displayed! 

Now onto the giveaway! You can win this exact print or any custom print from Paper Tie Affair! Prints are such a cute addition to a bedside table or to add to your gallery wall! I love the pop of gold too. 

Good luck!
xo, Scarlett


  1. I love the "bless your heart" print. so well said :) SHop is bookmarked! So many great gift ideas

  2. This is such a cute print! Another favorite of mine would have to be the "Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart" print. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful shop!