25 Random Facts About Me

I wanted to write a post that would give you a little more of a glimpse into my life since many times I feel like something is a common fact about me but in reality no one in the blogging world knows about it!

1. I am left handed
2. I can wiggle my ears
3. I love cats
4. and koalas
5. and elephant printed things/ elephant accessories
6. I enjoy reading when I have free time
7. I really don't wear make-up besides nail polish and lips products. 
8. But I have way too many nail polishes
9. And I always have my nails painted. Like, always. I had to take off my nail polish when I got my wisdom teeth out and I felt so bare having it off for a day.
10. I get tired of things suuuper easily. Like I change songs halfway through all the time and it annoys my friends so much. 
11. I am going to be a freshman in college this fall. 
12. I am going to be moving for the first time in my life to said college. I've never even moved houses, let alone states! 
13. I love kids which is why I am constantly babysitting
14. I am going to study speech pathology in college which confuses so many people because almost all bloggers go into business or PR or something along those lines. 
15. I love red, which makes Scarlett quite fitting. 
16. I cannot go into TJ Maxx and leave empty handed. Like it is actually impossible between the bags, shoes, clothes, and stationery. 
17. I have too many notebooks and such, but I write lists and use them all the time so I still justify buying more. 
18. My favorite season is fall 
19. I would rather be cold than hot... but I am cold all the time so this is actually a reality. 
20. I love to play tennis and I still claim that I could have been pretty good at it if my school made a tennis team. 
21. I don't drink pop. Like I can count the times I have in my life on one hand. 
22. I love basically all fruits. 
23. Except bananas. Everything about them disgusts me, but mainly the consistency and watching other people eat them. 
24. I have ridden in a hot air balloon before.
25. I love mint ice cream! Add in a little chocolate too and I am set!

Let me know a random fact about you in the comments as well so I can learn more about you guys too!

xo, Scarlett

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