Summer Bucket List Update

Today I wanted to post an update on my summer bucket list. I definitely didn't accomplish as many things as I thought I would, but I still did quite a lot and ended up doing a lot of other fun things over the summer! 

1. Host another game night
2. Go to/ have a bonfire
3. See fireworks
4. Go on a roadtrip (May 19)
5. Go to Chicago
6. Go to a drive in movie
7. Go stargazing
8. Play mini golf
9. Go bowling
10. Go geocaching
11. Make homemade ice cream
12. Make a scrapbook

13. Eat pizza at the park (May 27)
14. Set off floating lanterns
15. Go to 5 local cafes

16. Play paint twister
17. Go to a concert
18. Go to a local ice cream place 

Like I said, I also did plenty of things that were not on the list. Here are a few I shared via Instagram!  

I visit the Mall of America and bought my new MAcBook Air while I was there! 

I also visited a local orchard a few weeks back and had a delicious donut and some apple cider. Of course I couldn't resist petting their cats as well! Usually I visit this orchard in the fall, but since I will be gone this fall I had to visit earlier than normal! 

Overall 11/18 is not bad, especially considering I was working a lot this summer as well! It was such a great summer, yet I am excited to head off to college as well!

What did you accomplish this summer? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett

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