I'm Scarlett! I am a 19 year old from Illinois and who is currently living in Michigan and studying Speech Pathology. And no, I did not grow up in Chicago since that is what most people assume. I started The Trendy Chick in 2011 as a way to express my love for fashion and to share my latest adventures.

Why I blog...
The Trendy Chick was started as just a fashion blog. Over time it has expanded to include DIY's, nail tutorials, lifestyle posts, etc. Now I write about a variety of things, but my main passion is still fashion. I blog so I don't have to bore all my non-fashion loving friends with all my fashion talk! Now it has also turned into a great place to post pictures and stories of things I do so I can easily look back in the future and see everything. When I started it I never dreamed it would last more than a week, maybe a month at the most. Here I am over four and a half years later, still blogging, and still loving it! 

Fun Facts! 
  • I love animals of all kinds, but especially cats! I currently have three living with me and I love all the funny things they do! 
  • My favorite color has been red ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I had a big collection of red bears because of how much I loved red!
  • I am left handed, so when I do nail tutorials I generally show my right hand! 
  • I am only about 5'2, but I enjoy being on the shorter side! 
  • I have a slight addiction to nail polish... 
  • I love to-do lists and office supplies. I am 99% sure I could support TJ Maxx through my stationary purchases alone. 
  • I enjoy traveling and I have been so blessed to be able to travel a lot in the past few years.
  • And lastly, I love God! I grew up in a Christian home and my faith has only grown stronger over the past few years. I don't always talk about it on my blog a lot since that isn't what this blog is about, but it is a big part of my life!